Tired All The Time - Life Enhancer

Tired All The Time - Life Enhancer

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Ming Dynasty was the wealthiest of all the dynasties.

During the Ming reign, remedies and formulations were refined to

their highest levels; it was at this time that Life Enhancer was

Revisions, tests and improvements had taken place for thousands

but during the Ming Dynasty the ancient remedy was thought to be

refined to the point of maximum effect. It was included with the

twelve hundred formulations interred in the mausoleum of Emperor

Compounded from pure whole food extracts of Chinese herbs, Life

considered perhaps the most important formulation of the Ming Dynasty''s

Chinese pharmacologists and herbalists conducted extensive studies

recorded their findings in all fields of natural health.

A brilliant Chinese herbalist, Li Shi Zhen, is credited with the

most extensive testing and improvement of the formulation. He tested

the formulation in varying amounts, strengths and combinations until

a final blend yielded the statistically highest effect possible.

Life Enhancer was produced in the Imperial centre of the Yong Lee

in Beijing. The reason for this value is thought to be connected

Emperors were believed to have zealously sought and guarded formulations

enrich their bodies. Many formulas were most probably used only

Of all the formulations being tested from the original texts, one

was highly protected and revered above all the rest because of its

According to the Chinese, formulas were restricted from all except

The formulations were thought to be lost forever after the century

After its restoration, Chinese studies of the original formulation

were published in a scientific report. In simple terms, this unique

was credited with nourishing the body to enhance ''Chi''.

Animal and human studies showed that this formula had an incredibly

range of important nutritional benefits based upon an amazingly

Life Enhancer, as known to the Ming Dynasty, is a mild formula taken

after two or three months the results are self-evident. It is not

compound, nor does it contain any artificial stimulants, such as

Life Enhancer increases general balance in the body and encourages

which in turn creates positive ''Chi'' energy in the body.

Life Enhancer is the result of thousands of years of testing and

ruling classes of China. Now you can benefit from this extraordinary

for many years in Oriental archives.

revised and tested during the Ming Dynasty.

Compounded from pure whole food extracts of

If you weigh over 150lbs - five tablets, two to three

Under 150lbs - three tablets, two to three times daily

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